Where to Stay in Paris for the Ultimate French Experience

Where to Stay in Paris for the Ultimate French Experience


October 13, 2021

Paris holds the title of the ultimate European destination for art, fashion, and food, and for those reasons, it’s on most people’s must-travel lists.

Although a desirable location, it’s also known for being expensive, and the accommodation costs are some of the biggest you’ll have to encounter.

What accommodation options are there in Paris? Paris has lots of options for accommodation, including budget-friendly hostels, and luxury five-star hotels, and private rentals.

Depending on your needs and budget for accommodation, with enough research, you can find the right fit.

Figuring out where to stay in Paris is the hard part, and once that’s over, you can enjoy the City of Love and all of its magical splendor.

To help you figure out lodging options, our guide to Paris accommodation covers it all from five-star hotels to basic hostels and everything in between.

How Expensive is Paris to Visit?

How Expensive is Paris to Visit?

Paris has a reputation for being an expensive city, but these days, you can manage a budget-friendly trip there that doesn’t break the bank.

On average, a single person traveling to Paris might spend around $1,400 for everything including accommodation, food, drinks, and sightseeing.

The accommodation costs will make up the bulk of your costs while you’re there, but there are lots of options.

A standard hotel room in Paris can cost between $70 and $350 a night for a solo traveler and between $99 and $500 for a double room, or you can go to the cheaper end of the scale and stay in a hostel for considerably less.

Timing is everything when it comes to travel, and knowing the high and low seasons for a trip to Paris can save you hundreds over a week.

Mid-January is known as the cheapest period, otherwise, January through to the start of April, the start of October to mid-December, and some parts in the middle of May are most affordable.

As with any type of accommodation, booking in advance will guarantee you cheaper prices and give you greater options.

Be sure to check out the options for accommodation with at least a few months’ notice before your arrival, or you’ll be stung with prices that can be up to 300% more if you book them at the last minute.

Staying in Hotels

Staying in Hotels

There’s nothing quite like the experience of staying in a chic Parisian hotel while you’re in town, but it’s something that’s out of reach for many travelers.

If you are lucky enough to stay in five-star luxury, these hotels are often just as memorable as the holiday itself, with first-class service, the finest furnishings, and gastronomical delights delivered straight to your door.

On the cheaper end of the scale, you’ll find their budget-friendly hotels which start at around $68 per night.

These provide you with the basics you’ll need and most of them are clean and well-resourced, but without the same luxury, you can expect at a five-star lodging.

Mid-range hotels are the most plentiful in Paris and usually average around $120 per night, depending on the season, size of the room, location, and how far advance you book.

These provide you with a good middle ground between the luxurious and the economical and are located in central locations that put you within a good distance to everything.

Hostels and Budget Accommodation Options

Hostels and Budget Accommodation Options

Visitors to Paris who want to save even more money might consider staying at a hostel, with many finding the hostels here a lot more charming than other cities.

Most of the hostels offer clean and comfortable beds, with the bonus of being chic and arty, so there are plenty of beautiful common spaces to connect with others.

A hostel can be either a shared or private room, depending on your preference, and you’ll be surprised to find that a private room can be just as good as a hotel.

Price-wise, these hostels cost around $50 a nice for a private option and $40 a night for a shared one.

The availability of better hostels can be scarce though, so it’s important to book ahead where possible.

Those who travel the world as a backpacker might not have the luxury of knowing too far in advance when they’ll arrive and may benefit from last-minute prices if the hostels aren’t busy.

Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals

The Airbnb revolution has taken over the world and presented tourists with a unique way to stay.

In Paris, there are thousands of options available to rent privately through Airbnb, including private rooms or entire homes all to yourself.

The best part about staying in one of these rentals is that the home is fully equipped, just as your own home is.

You might spend more for a night of accommodation but you’ll have access to a kitchen to cook with, so you’ll make some savings without having to dine out for every meal.

A vacation rental can vary dramatically depending on location, size, and the dates of your stay.

You can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for a double shared apartment all to yourself and with all of the standard amenities.

Again, you’ll want to book far in advance to snatch the best deals on these private rentals as they often go quickly.

Those traveling with large groups will find even better value in a short-term rental, and if you have enough people you can split the costs evenly and get a house or large apartment.

If you have others in your party, you’ll almost always be better off doing this than hiring a separate hotel room each, and the chances that it’ll be more luxurious are higher.

Couch Surfing in Paris

Couch Surfing in Paris

The concept of couch surfing is where you stay at someone else’s place free of charge, and it’s a popular option for those wanting something unique while in Paris.

During a couch surfing arrangement, you come up with a plan to stay at a Paris local’s house and crash on their couch, or a spare room they might have, for a certain number of days.

There are many different arrangements that can be made during a couch surfing stay, and the best place to book it is through the official CouchSurfing.com website.

This might be as simple as sleeping on the sofa one night or someone offering you a room for a week in exchange for some cooking, so it’s up to you and your host to figure out the best fit.

What makes couch surfing such a popular trend is that it goes beyond just providing lodging, and gives you a chance to experience life as a Parisian.

You’ll get to converse with a local, eat their food, meet their friends, and see how they live, so it’s the most authentic way to enjoy the city.

Parisian Accommodation for All Types of Travelers

A city as large and versatile as Paris offers tourists the chance to stay just about anywhere they want, and there are options to suit every budget.

The best advice is to plan ahead and think about your needs before booking somewhere, guaranteeing the lowest prices and greatest availability.

Related Questions

Paris is known as the City of Love, and many people flock there just to get a feel of that chic European romanticism for themselves.

There are plenty of tourist attractions worth checking out if you’re planning a visit to Paris though, so read on for a few FAQs that can help you determine the ones you want to see.

Can You Visit Paris At the Moment?

France has allowed visitors to the country since the summer of 2020, but they have still experienced lockdowns a few times since then, due to Covid-10 outbreaks.

Before booking a trip to France, ensure you have the right travel insurance coverage and understand the risks of traveling during this time, as well as being able to meet their vaccination requirements.

Is Paris Safe for Tourists?

Is Paris Safe for Tourists?

The biggest threat to safety for tourists in Paris is petty street crime, so vigilance must be taken.

Pickpocketing and theft are the most common crimes committed against tourists, but still rare, and their violent crime rate is considerably low and not concerning, being on par with Canada’s.

What Area of Paris Should I Stay In?

Newcomers to Paris city should stay somewhere central, with the most popular location being the 7th arrondissement.

While here, you’ll be close to the Eiffel Tower and many of the main attractions, giving you the chance to walk and see the sights without getting lost.



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