OneSimCard – Everything You Need to Know

OneSimCard – Everything You Need to Know


October 14, 2021

The one thing that we miss when we’re traveling abroad is the ease of communication with our loved ones back home.

The introduction of the OneSimCard aimed to make it easier to get in touch without paying hefty roaming fees, but there’s a lot to learn about them before you jump in.

Is a OneSimCard worth it?

OneSimCard and other international SIM cards are designed to make calls and SMS cheaper when you’re in a foreign country.

They’re a smart investment if you’re traveling overseas and they allow you to keep one number, no matter where you go, which is always convenient.

OneSimCard and other international SIMs are worth considering if you regularly travel or are planning your first trip overseas.

However, the concept of these cards can be overwhelming, so we’re here to break them down for you.

What is OneSimCard?

What is OneSimCard?

OneSimCard is a communications company that offers pay-as-you-go international cell phone service, including their popular single GSM SIM card.

These allow users to have just one SIM card that they can take around the world, with service available in almost every country.

The prepaid international SIM card concept is not unique to OneSimCard, as others offer the same product.

However, this brand has managed to stand out from the pack because of the sheer number of countries they serve and their affordable prices, so it’s easy enough for anyone to get their hands on one.

Among the OneSimCard range of cards, they have ones made specifically for Europe, universal SIMs, expedition SIMs, and Asiana SIMs.

The brand also offers makes internationally friendly cell phones, cell phone accessories, and other types of SIM cards marketed not just to travelers.

How Do They Work?

How Do They Work?

The biggest selling point of OneSimCard and other international SIMs is that there are no roaming fees associated with them.

Roaming occurs when your phone has to try and connect to a foreign network that’s not the one it uses at home and depending on your provider, there can be sizable fees for this.

An international SIM is designed to move around and not be connected to just one network.

They can be used in most countries around the world so you get more access than your regular provider, and depending on where you are, can even be cheaper than using a local SIM in each country you go to.

One of the best features of OneSimCard is that it’s easy to obtain an international SIM in just a few steps, from anywhere in the world.

Their website has all of their products listed with detailed information about what’s involved in setting up your phone, as well as the countries that their SIMs are usable in.

Once your SIM arrives, you insert it into your smartphone just as you would a regular one.

After a few simple setup steps, it’s ready to use, and you’ll be given both a European and a US number.

These never change, so you can take the number with you and give it to both new and old friends.

The Cost of a OneSimCard SIM

The Cost of a OneSimCard SIM

The most popular 3-in-1 travel SIM card from OneSimCard costs around $25, and the highest level international card costs just under $40.

From there, you can check their official website and select the country you’re traveling to and the type of SIM setup you want to see their rates.

It’s easy to compare the current rates offered by OneSimCard with other providers, so you can see which ones have the best deals.

Some of the prepaid plans you choose come with included credit or unlimited messages, so you need to find the option that best suits how you communicate while you’re traveling.

Even with one of these SIM cards, there’s no need to use your phone if you don’t need to.

With roaming costs waived, you can save a lot on calls, but thanks to the internet and free options like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you might not even need to use them for making voice calls.

Locations Where These Cards Work

Locations Where These Cards Work

A quick look at the OneSimCard website will show you where their SIM cards currently work.

You’ll also be able to see where their international mobile phones work, and what coverage you’ll get for each type of SIM.

This is just a short list of some of the more obscure countries where OneSimCard can connect you:

  • Afghanisaan
  • Antigua
  • Dijibouti
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malwai
  • Oman
  • Tonga
  • Uzbekistan
  • Zimbabwe

Pros and Cons of OneSimCard

Pros and Cons of OneSimCard

With so many communications providers out there attempting to do what OneSimCard does, you need to know how they stand out.

These are the pros and cons of using OneSimCard for your next international adventure.


  • Two numbers: OneSimCard gives you two numbers to use, including a US and European number, so you know what these are upfront. They never change either, which makes it easy to share with others.
  • Wider service range:: When you look at the countries and places covered by the OneSimCard network you’ll see how it towers over the competition. Even someone traveling to the most remote and farthest ends of the earth will still be able to make calls with this company.
  • Straightforward setup: Although the concept of setting up a new SIM card overseas seems overwhelming, there are loads of instructions and detailed guides that make it easy. You can get the SIM before you leave or while you’re there and set it up in just a few minutes.
  • Saves money: According to OneSimCard, you can save up to 85% on roaming costs alone when you use one of their international SIMs. For someone who makes a lot of phone calls back home, this can equate to hundreds of dollars in just a couple of weeks.
  • Versatility: There isn’t just one type of international SIM to choose from so you can select the card that only applies to the area you’re going to, which many of the other networks don’t do. This gives you a chance to save money if you’re only traveling to one country or get more bang for your buck if you’re going to many.


  • Lacking customer service: Some people have had issues with the customer service side of OneSimCard. If you’re traveling overseas and already struggling to get your communication sorted, having to deal with a less than helpful representative is the last thing you want to do.
  • Higher initial outlay: The cost for buying the initial SIM card is higher than other brands that offer the same thing. Although they attempt to make up for it with lower rates, it could be enough to turn some buyers off.
  • Free shipping issues: The free shipping bonus they give customers only counts if you spend more than $50 and live in the US. For other countries, you must spend a minimum of $100 which can be hard to do. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to pay a shipping fee to have the SIM or phone sent to you.

Communication Abroad Made Easy

There’s no need to stop your daily calls to your mother just because you’re traveling abroad, and with an option like OneSimCard you don’t have to.

To save on roaming costs and ensure you have one convenient phone number to travel with, an international SIM is a smart investment.

Related Questions

Keeping in touch with friends and family back home, or the new friends you make on your travels is important when you’re overseas.

If you’re still not sure how these types of SIMs and international communication are possible, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that will help.

What is International Roaming?

Roaming occurs when a mobile phone is used in an area other than its home country’s network, and it searches for another network to use, which can be costly for the user.

This occurs when a traveler goes overseas and attempts to use their current SIM card to connect to whatever cell network is available.

Will My Phone Work Overseas?

Will My Phone Work Overseas?

Most of the newer models of smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone will work overseas without needing to make any adjustments.

These smartphones are designed to operate on the most common frequencies in the world so there’s usually no issue with taking them on your travels and connecting to GSM networks.

Can Prepaid Cellphones Be Used Internationally?

The best way to use a prepaid plan for your phone overseas is by connecting to an international prepaid SIM.

Many of these are set up to avoid roaming fees and allow you to take your number with you to any country that you visit.



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