The Best Time to Visit Thailand

The Best Time to Visit Thailand


October 14, 2021

Thailand is the type of travel destination that has it all: warm weather, smiling faces, and plenty of natural and cultural treats for the senses.

A trip to the Land of Smiles should be perfectly timed to get the most out of it though, so it’s important to understand how it changes with the months of the year.

What is the best time to visit Thailand? The tourist high season and best time to visit Thailand is between November and March, as this is when the weather is optimal.

However, the shoulder seasons of April to June and then October are also popular, giving you good weather and slightly reduced prices.

The truth is, there’s no bad time to visit this wonderful country, and whatever is on your itinerary, we can help you achieve it.

Our travel guide for Thailand will look at its climate and geography and how to choose the right time to go so that you tick everything off your list.

Why Is Thailand an Attractive Destination?

Why Is Thailand an Attractive Destination?

Southeast Asia has always been a popular hit with tourists, but not all parts of it are easily accessible.

Thailand represents a way for people to experience all that Southeast Asia that is affordable and easy to travel to, making it a huge hit.

A trip to Thailand will cover everything you can ask for in a vacation.

The locals are pleasant, hence its name ‘The Land of Smiles’, there are lots of cultural and historical sights to see, plenty of white sandy beaches and islands to day trip to, and fresh, authentic Thai cuisine to indulge in.

Most people plan their trip to Thailand during the popular tourist season as it lets them do everything on their bucket list and more.

However, it’s not always necessary to visit when prices are so high just to enjoy the wonders of Southeast Asia, so it all depends on your itinerary and hopes for your trip.

Thailand’s Geography

Thailand’s Geography

The country of Thailand is spread over 198,000 square miles and is found in the center of the Southeast Asian Peninsula.

To the west, you’ll find Burma and the Indian Ocean, with Laos and Cambodia to the east, and Malaysia to the south.

Thailand covers four distinct geographical regions, with each of them experiencing slightly different climates and lays of the land.

The central part connects to the Chao Phraya River, the south is part of the Malay Peninsula and has coastline and islands on either side, the north is mountainous, and the northeast has flat lands.

The importance of noting Thailand’s geography is that each of these regions can experience different climates throughout the year.

In October, parts of Thailand on the Andaman coast will be having their sunny season, whereas the Gulf side of the country will be having its rainy season.

Therefore, visitors must think about where they want to go and what they want to do to ensure they’re looking for the right time.

What is the Climate of Thailand?

What is the Climate of Thailand?

The climate of Thailand is classed as tropical, which means it’s almost always hot.

The hottest month in this country is April, where temperatures average around 86 degrees Fahrenheit and often reach higher, up to 100 degrees.

March and May are also hot months, but they’re more tolerable than April, for visitors to the country.

Thailand is known for having three distinct types of weather: hot, rainy, and cool.

To those living elsewhere, you might not even notice a difference between them as it always feels warm and tropical there, but the locals will be able to tell.

An American visiting Thailand will feel the heat, and likely more than they have ever felt at home, even in summer.

From the end of May and the start of June through to October, the monsoon season will run which means a lot more rain for Thailand.

Those who come to Thailand during this time might find that a lot of the activities they had planned will be washed out, and tour operators have a reduced schedule due to the weather.

Tourist Season and Low Season

All popular travel destinations have seasons that they use to classify the most and least popular times for tourists to visit, also known and ‘high’ and ‘low’ seasons.

If you’re traveling to Thailand, these are the months to consider planning around and what it could mean for your vacation.

High season

Thailand’s high season runs from November through to March, marking the end of the monsoon season and ideal weather.

Prices are a lot higher at this time and the towns are packed, which many people find are a small price to pay for paradise.

Low season

July to October is the low season in most parts of Thailand because of the monsoon season.

During this time, it’s common to see everything from heavy rain, light showers, and even flooding.

If you’re happy to put up with some poor weather, it’s a good time to travel for budget-conscious people, but be warned that now all of the boats and tour operators will be running on reduced schedules and there’s a bigger chance of cancellations.

Shoulder season

April through to June and September to October are considered shoulder seasons as they sit on either side of the high and low ones.

This is a smart time to travel to the coastal regions because they’ll be experiencing great weather and you can get a better price as well.

Although some things are limited, it’s not as quiet as their low season.

Best Things to Visit and When

Best Things to Visit and When

Regardless of whether you travel in the high, low, or shoulder seasons, there’s always something to see or do in Thailand.

Here are some of the more popular sights and events that you can enjoy throughout the year.

  • Markets and shopping: The busiest season for markets is the high season, but Thailand’s malls and street vendors will operate year round.
  • Island hopping: Visiting during high and shoulder seasons to see the islands off the coast of Thailand, otherwise, the boats might not be running.
  • Bangkok: Head to the major city from November to March for the most comfortable weather.
  • Buddhist temples: Temples are open to the public most days of the year to allow people to worship, so visit with respect at any time.
  • Festivals: Thailand is home to many festivals throughout the year, including Flower Festival and the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, so there’s no right or wrong time to visit for this.

Dressing for the Weather

Dressing for the Weather

As a tropical climate, the best type of clothing for Thailand is something lightweight and casual.

You should be prepared for warm weather at all times, and have a rain jacket handy just in case, but still keep your clothing respectful.

Although hot, the beachwear should be left for the beach, and you should never sunbake or swim topless while in Thailand.

However, wearing something comfortable and lightweight like shorts and a tank top is how most tourists dress, and it’ll keep you from getting too hot when the temperatures start to rise.

The Right Timing for Thailand

There are many good reasons why Thailand is at the top of most people’s lists when thinking of exciting travel destinations.

The planning stages of any holiday are important to ensure you stay within budget and get to do everything you hoped to, and a visit to Thailand must be timed to perfection to achieve this as well.

Related Questions

A trip to Thailand is on the cards for many travelers who enjoy good food, warm weather, and pristine beaches.

If you’re planning an adventure to the Land of Smiles, there are some more things you should know first, so check out these FAQs for the basics.

Do They Speak English in Thailand?

The primary language spoken in Thailand is Thai, but some locals can understand basic English.

Travelers to the country are advised to learn a few basic commands such as “please” and “thank you” to show respect, and make it easier to communicate with the people there.

When Will Thailand Reopen to Tourists?

When Will Thailand Reopen to Tourists?

Thailand announced plans to reopen its country to tourists from 1 November 2021.

However, the travelers must be coming from countries that are classed as low risk, and they must be able to supply proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Is Thailand Expensive to Visit?

Thailand is relatively cheap compared to Western destinations but is known as one of the more expensive Southeast Asian countries to visit.

However, most visitors will find it affordable to spend at least a week there and stay in luxury accommodation for a discounted price.



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